57 litre Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath (240v)

Product code: BUC-XL-57L-240v
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This 57 litre extra large Ultrasonic Cleaner tank (240v) is designed for heavy duty industrial use. The tank weighs 87Kg when empty, but is easy to move around on the castor wheels fixed to the base. The powerful Ultrasonic Tank uses a 1200watt transducer and a 3000watt heater. The frequency is fixed at 28Khz. The Ultrasonic Cleaning bath has a sweeping function. The sweep function creates a pulsating action by fluctuating the transducer power to reduce standing waves. This function helps spread the force of the standing waves making it safer to clean sensitive objects, but we always suggest that when cleaning anything delicate to do a test run as some damage still may occur.

General use:

Around 20 minutes should be enough to remove/loosen most foreign bodies from the item you are cleaning. There is no specific recommended duration for a cleaning cycle but generally the shorter the better to minimize the possibility of damage to the item being cleaned especially if it is to be cleaned regularly. It will reduce the ultrasonic cleaning cycle time by soaking the item to be cleaned for as long as possible before ultrasonic cleaning. It is recommended after cleaning is completed to perform a short rinse cycle with clean water to ensure cleaning agent deposits are not left in obscured areas of the object.
  • Tank Capacity : 57L
  • External Ultrasonic Power Generator with dial controls and clear LED display
  • Heating temp : 30°C to 110°C
  • Ultrasonic power : 1080W
  • Heating power : 3000W
  • Power requirement 240v 
  • Frequency : 28KHz
  • Tank and body made in Stainless Steel
  • Includes Stainless Steel basket, lid and UK mains lead
  • 12 month warranty - UK support
  • Tank size : 470 x 340 x 360 mm
MPN BUC-XL-57L-240v
GTIN 5055396125955
Voltage 240
Brand allendale
Condition New
Product Code BUC-XL-57L-240v
Weight 87kg