Anti Social Behaviour

anti-social teenage gang

Stop Anti-social behaviour with an Ultrasonic deterrent. Anti-social behaviour can be a nuisance to say the least. Our ultrasonic teenage "yob" repeller / deterrent works by generating a high pitch sound which a teenager finds very annoying and therefore they want move away from the area. However it is silent to adults. 

The powerful, commercial grade ultrasonic deterrent is extremely effective with a 50 Mtr (150 ft) range. The ultrasonic anti-social behaviour device produces a pulsating and aggressive high pitch ultrasonic sound, similar to a siren but silent to adults which teenagers find extremely unpleasant and therefore avoid the area being protected. It prevents youngsters loitering outside shops and take-away food outlets, encouraging them to move on.

If you have a shop, cafe, take-away or any business where teenagers gather outside, the Anti-Social ultrasonic deterrent might be the solution you've been looking for. 30 day money back guaranteeBuy now >>>>>>>>

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