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Home > general products > AOYUE SOLDERING STATIONS

Aoyue 2703A+ Hot Air Rework Soldering Station

The Aoyue 2703A+ is a CPU controlled Rework station that Includes Hot Air Gun, Desoldering Gun & Soldering Iron with Fume Extraction. It unites all advantaged and functions of a hot air soldering station, solder station, fume extraction unit and desoldering gun in one unit. The 2703A+ has a Dual Port System that allows the user to employ simultaneously the lead-free soldering iron as well as the desoldering gun. (the smoke absorber cannot be uses simultaneously with the desoldering gun). Additionally the rework station can use the new generation of BGA hot air nozzles that allow a more effective reflow process on account of better air and heat dispersion. With these Multi-Chamber BGA nozzles the rework of large BGAs (CPU, GPUs) can be carried out more efficiently. Another function of the station is the Aoyue Auto Cooling Function, it blows cold air on the heating element when the hot air is switched off until reaching a low temperature in order to extend the life of the heating element. Temperature and airflow can be adjusted independent of each other via the touch buttons (4 for each) in a  temperature range that varies from 100°C - 480°C (hot air) respectively 200°C - 480°C (soldering iron).

  • ESD Safe, Multi function work station - With Hot Air Gun, Desoldering Gun & 70W Soldering Iron with Fume Extraction
  • Dual Port System - Allows simultaneous use of the desoldering gun and soldering iron
  • Microprocessor Controlled Work Station - With LED display and touch type controls allowing clear and accurate setting of the hot air temperature, air pressure, desoldering gun temperature & soldering iron temperature
  • New Turbine Design Hot Air Gun - To provide a more even heat flow.
  • Desoldering Gun with Changeable Nozzle Sizes - Uses Diaphragm Pump
  • LF-Type Easily Replaceable Solder Tip Cartridges - Solder tip cartridge simply pulls out of the soldering iron for quick change between tips. Cartridge incorporates the heating element providing maintenance free replacement
  • Soldering Iron Fume Extraction - With two carbon filters supplied.
  • Auto Sleep mode - For turning Soldering Iron / Desoldering Gun off when left idle for a long period.
  • Adjustable 1 - 20 Minute Stand-by / auto sleep mode - For Hot Air Gun. Returns to previous settings when the handle is held up again
  • Auto Cool-off mode - Starts to blow cool air when the hot air is switched off until reaching a temperature of 100°C, ensuring safety and prolonging life of the heating element.

Kit Contents:

  • Aoyue 2703A Work Station.
  • 500W Hot Air Gun.
  • Air Nozzles.
  • 70W Soldering Iron with Smoke Absorber.
  • Soldering Iron Stand with Solder Reel Holder (solder not included).
  • Soldering Iron Tip with Heating Element.
  • 939 Vacuum Suction Pen.
  • IC Removal Tool.
  • Carbon Filter.
  • Desoldering Gun.
  • Filter Spring.
  • Nozzle Cleaning pin.
  • Desoldering tips.
  • 6 Filter Pads.
  • Filter Vacuum Cap.
  • Power Cord

MPN: SI-2703A

Price: £278.00

Aoyue 2703A+ Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station
Aoyue 2703A+ Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station Aoyue 2703A+ Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station Aoyue 2703A+ Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station Aoyue 2703A+ Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station