Aoyue Soldering

image of the Aoyue soldering station company logo.

Aoyue (pronounced "Ahoy") has become one of the leading manufacturers of electro-static discharge safe (ESD) soldering and re-work stations. With superior quality, reasonable prices, outstanding technical expertise and excellent after sales services, Aoyue soldering irons and re-work stations are now widely available in the UK, Europe, United States and other parts of the world. Aoyue began production of electronic tools for the communication industry in 1997 and has grown into a global brand.

close up photo showing the soldering of a PCB

The Aoyue product range includes SMD Rework Stations, Repairing Systems, an Infrared Welding System, Soldering, and De-soldering stations. A variety of the equipment comes with digital readout and display of actual and set temperatures, wide range of temperature adjustment, closed loop sensor control, turbine motor, ceramic heating cores as well as hands-free type manipulator. Whatever your soldering requirements, Aoyue has a technical solution at an affordable price.

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