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Bandelin ultrasonic cleaners and tanks are made in Germany, the home of quality engineering. The company based in Berlin has been manufacturing ultrasonic cleaners and tanks to the highest of standards for over sixty years. The production range extends from bench top ultrasonic cleaners through to specialist, multi-tank processes. This premium brand is now available through us in the UK.
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Bandelin ultrasonic cleaners have an industrial pedigree with years of experience and can be found in the additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, medical industry and many, many other applications where high performance and high power are required. 

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The Sonorex range of ultrasonic tanks are high power ultrasonic baths and can be ordered with and without heating with a capacity from 0.9 to 90 litres. From simple dial operated control through to digital operation with degassing. All the Sonorex machines have the patented "SweepTec" system to ensure the ultrasonic waves are distributed evenly, consistently and efficiently throughout the tank. This advanced technology ensures a perfect cleaning cycle every time.
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For laboratory work, SONOSHAKE offers a wide range of applications for sample preparation in areas of analysis, such as environmental and foodstuffs analytics or in medical diagnostics. The bath has a basic area of 500 mm x 300 mm and a tank depth of only 65 mm, making it ideal for sonication of samples in laboratory flasks. Four different shaking frequencies enable a gentle to vigorous reciprocating motion.

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Modular large ultrasonic baths for industry, service and maintenance applications. From a single cleaning bath to a complete cleaning line. Sizes of the units are from 13 to 230 litres. 

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