Brands we offer

DK Sonic brand logo

Our most popular brand of ultrasonic cleaner, DK Sonic, are manufactured in China and perfect for everyday use, both at home and commercially in the workplace. The price point is great and the quality is excellent. So much so that we give a 2 year warranty on the brandWe visit the DK Sonic factory most years and know the company very well. We give UK support and keep spares on the shelf. BUY PRODUCTS>>>>>>>

Walker Electronics brans logo

Some customers have specialist requirements and so we have alternatives in our portfolio of ultrasonic tank suppliers.  From the UK we offer ultrasonic cleaners made by Walkers Electronics, a family run business based in Nottinghamshire. Their range of ultrasonic machines are for mainly cleaning medical instruments used in the dental, veterinary, podiatry and tattoo professions. These do not have any heating function. The tanks are designed and built for all day, every day use in a busy workplace and last for years. BUY PRODUCTS>>>>>>>

bandelin ultrasonic cleaner brand logo

From Germany we have Bandelin. These very high specification and high performance machines that are used in a variety of demanding industrial, medical and scientific applications. This premium range of ultrasonic cleaners are supplied to order. BUY PRODUCTS>>>>>>>

JPL James Products logo

JPL Ultrasonics (James Products Ltd) ceased trading in 2020. Sorry, but we no longer offer sales, spares or support. OLD PRODUCTS>>>>>>>

GT Sonic ultrasonic cleaner brand logo

GT Sonic have been around for a number of years and we keep a modest range of their machines in stock. BUY PRODUCTS>>>>>>>