Brass Rifle Cases

brass rifle bullets standing in a row

Cleaning and reloading rifle cases can be a pain. However there is an easy and quick way with an Ultrasonic cleaner.

Traditionally tumblers have been used in the past, but the results leave a lot to be desired. With an ultrasonic cleaning tank, the process can be done in around 15 - 20 minutes. Apart from the machine, using the correct fluid can make all the difference. Search on Google and you'll find many "old wives tales" of various potions and chemicals.

Having discussed this with a few of our customers who clean brass rifle cases, there are two ways that are (almost) guaranteed to deliver excellent results every time. One customer who lives in my home town buys bags of citric acid powder from the Boots Chemist. He dilutes the powder and then places a couple of rows of cases into the ultrasonic tank. He turns the machine on and leaves it running for about 20 minutes. He then removes the cases and rinses in taps water. Another customer uses a mix of vinegar and lemon juice. 

No matter which cleaning fluid works best for you, the principal of cleaning cases for reloading using an ultrasonic cleaner is fast and efficient.
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