Carburettor Cleaner

We offer two types of carburettor cleaning fluid for use in any make of ultrasonic cleaner. "Standard" and "Eco". The standard carb cleaner has a working temperature of 50 - 80 degrees centigrade. Eco works at a lower temperature of 30 - 45 degrees centigrade, reducing the heat up time and therefore saving energy costs.

Which carb cleaner should you buy? Both work very well and give excellent results. Some customers like the energy (cost) savings with the shorter heat up time with Eco. Others prefer working at higher temperatures for removing tough dried petrol "varnish" and so purchase the Standard fluid. Our suggestion would be that if you are working on a "barn restoration" or the engine hasn't run for a year or longer, go for the standard fluid. if you are working on an engine that is a "runner", the Eco will be perfect. 

Standard cleaning fluid.

It has been formulated specifically for use in an ultrasonic cleaner and works very well with carburettors, valves, fuel injectors, engine parts etc. It gives amazing results with any alloys used for engine castings such as cylinder heads, crank cases, rocker covers etc. It safely and quickly removes contaminants including general ageing, dulling, oxidation, carbon, petrol residue and grease etc. It works very well on alloy castings, not only removing physical dirt, but also it visually (cosmetically) brightens dulling that occurs over time.

link to YouTube video showing carburettor cleaning fluid

NOTE: Obviously it can't make a component look better than it did when it first left the manufacturer's factory way-back-when, but normally the end results are normally impressive. The cleaning process won't damage, corrode or darken metal components. The solution is safe on brass, aluminium and other sensitive metals. It's also safe with rubber O rings (provided that the "O" ring hasn't started to perish).

                           before and after ultrasonic cleaning

How long before the solution needs changing?

The cleaning fluid can be used many times until it looks dirty. There's no specific rule about when to change the fluid, but the idea of an ultrasonic cleaner is for deep and thorough cleaning. If your fluid looks like pea soup, it's time to change it.


The carburettor cleaning fluid is a concentrate added to water at a ratio of 10:1 (10 parts water to 1 part fluid). HOW TO MIX ITFor heavily soiled components, this can be strengthened to 7:1. The working temperature of the ultrasonic cleaner should be set between 50 - 80 degrees centigrade. After cleaning rinse with clean water and leave to dry. Always test before use on new components.

  • Removes petrol residue (aka petrol varnish)
  • Safe on most metals (ferrous and non-ferrous)
  • Safe on "O" rings and seals
  • Deep cleans removing dirt and oxidation
  • Excellent stain remover
  • 10:1 concentrate (e.g. 5 litre makes 50 litre working solution)
  • For commercial and amateur use

Eco Ultrasonic carburettor cleaner.

The pH neutral fluid provides superb cleaning performance at low temperatures, saving time and reducing energy consumption. If you have a cold workshop, this product could be ideal for you because it takes up to 50% less time to reach working temperature. Works great with any tap water (no need for de-ionised / de-min water).

image of a dial indicating low energy running costs

The solution is a micro-emulsion capable of solubilising oily, hydrophobic substances in a bi-phase composition, making it highly effective at cleaning surfaces. This removes the need for chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbon solvents and high pH caustic solutions. It is very effective at a lower working temperature, between 15°C and 45°C for lower energy costs and short heat up time. Eco Ultrasonic Carburettor Cleaner is a pH neutral and environmentally friendly solution, specially made for use in ultrasonic baths and works at a lower temperature. Available in 2 strengths - (standard) 10:1 or (super concentrate) 40:1.

NEW: Ultrasonic Cleaner in a powder form. The carb cleaning powder is exactly the same product as the fluid, but you mix it yourself using a measuring scoop that comes with each order. And because it's a powder, it's lightweight and shipped in a small box that fits through your letter box. No more bulky bottles delivered by DPD. If you live outside of the UK, we can now post this anywhere on the planet at a reasonable cost.

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