Choose The Right Cleaner

When buying an ultrasonic cleaner, there are several things to consider. Obviously price is always main consideration, but I have a mantra about the selection process. Above cost, SIZE MATTERS. I can't say that enough, so I will say it again (shouting) - SIZE MATTERS. Several customers make a purchase by guessing or estimating their item will fit into a particular size of ultrasonic cleaner. And when the cleaner is delivered a few days later, they discover it's a bit too small and phone us to exchange it for a larger size tank. That's not an issue and we will always oblige, but it costs you the customer money to post it back to us and it's a bit of messing around with couriers and posting etc. 
measuring tools such as a tape measure and vernier caliper
The golden rule: measure twice, purchase once.

It's far better to get it right first time and the best way is (if you can) to actually measure the dimensions of the biggest item you might want to clean. I know this isn't always possible and often no matter what size of tank you purchase, something bigger might need to be cleaned in 12 months time. But that's life. 

We get some customers who measure their item and say they can get it in the basket with 5mm spare all round. OK, technically this item will fit in the tank, but overall the cleaning efficiency isn't going to be as good as having more space around it. If possible, its better to have a small item in a slightly bigger ultrasonic tank than squeezing a big item into a small tank.

And when looking at the tank dimensions, the important size is the stainless steel basket. This will hold your item in the fluid inside the tank. Each machine on our website has the dimensions of the steel basket that is supplied free with each machine. 

Which ultrasonic cleaning solutions do I need?

Although jewellery can be cleaned with just warm tap water and a small amount of washing up liquid to help remove grease, this alone will not remove dulling and tarnish. We do sell special additives to help speed up the cleaning process and greatly enhance the overall results.  Specific cleaning fluids can be found click here.

measure twice purchase once