Degas With Sweep

digital ultrasonic cleaners with degassing and sweep
Ultrasonic cleaners with digital control, degassing and a sweep function. These ultrasonic tanks have the technical function of a degassing mode which, after a change a cleaning solution, quickly removes air from the liquid that in turn, makes the cleaning process more effective. This is especially useful when cleaning carburettors. 
The great thing about degassing is its ability to clean blind holes. The water inside a hole (cavity) in the object that you’re cleaning is just as agitated as the water outside, leading to a very thorough cleaning action which is perfect for applications like carburettors.
The sweep function automatically alternates the ultrasonic cleaning frequency between 40Khz and 33Khz. This is means the item to be cleaned is sprayed with ultrasonic waves at two different frequencies, dislodging dirt / matter that otherwise might not be removed. This is ideal for cleaning PCB's. 

Additionally, the cleaning power can be increased or reduced by 50% depending on the items being cleaned.This means that delicate products can be cleaned gently. 
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