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general purpose ultrasonic cleaner fluid

A general purpose ultrasonic cleaner fluid. Concentrated non hazardous, low alkaline cleaner, formulated to be used in ultrasonic cleaning baths for the removal of oils, greases, dust and dirt contamination from mixed metals, plastics, rubber, ceramic and glass components. The general purpose fluid is used at 5 to 20% dilution in water (we recommend using deionised / de-mineralized water) and operating temperatures between 40 and 70 degrees centigrade depending on the level of contamination. HOW TO MIX IT.


The concentrate is added to water at a rate of 1 part concentrate to 5-10 parts of water depending on severity of contamination on the item in need of cleaning (we recommend using deionised / demineralised water). The operating temperature of bath should be set between 40 - 70 degrees centigrade. Always test before use on new applications. After cleaning rinse all surfaces thoroughly with clean water. The bath should be changed regularly when the solution becomes dirty.

Deep clean - Ideal for stain removal and removing dirt and oxidation. Safe to use on many materials, although please test or contact us before use. Designed for industrial professional use and amateur use. FREE UK DELIVERY (2nd class)

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