GT Sonic Cleaners

stack of GT Sonic ultrasonic cleaners

We stock GT Sonic ultrasonic cleaners.  The company has been manufacturing ultrasonic cleaners for many years. All the machines have stainless steel bodies, lids and baskets and we ship with UK plugs and cables. We offer ultrasonic tanks with two different types of control method: digital or dial control.

Dial Control GT Sonic ultrasonic cleaners have two operating dials. One dial for the timer adjustment (0-20 minutes) and the other for setting the temperature (20 - 80 degrees C). 

Digital Control GT Sonic ultrasonic cleaners have LED displays for the time and temperature settings. These ultrasonic models have a push button to set the cleaning time (0 - 99 minutes) and temperature (0 - 80 degrees C) with an LED display.

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