JPL Sea Clean organic Jewellery cleaner Fluid (1 litre)

Product code: SC2-1LTR
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Product information

1 litre of Sea Clean organic jewellery cleaner from JPL is ideal for use with or without an ultrasonic cleaner. It will assist in the removal of tarnish, carbon, rust & dirt from most metals, to return items to a shiny condition. If used with an ultrasonic cleaner, Sea Clean cleaning solution takes only a matter of minutes to use and removes the need for prolonged soaking.

Made from a unique formula containing natural products, mixing carefully balanced quantities of SEAWEED, COCONUT OILS and other FRUIT extracts to create a powerful cleaning organic jewellery cleaning solution.

Mix the specified amount (see bottle) of Sea Clean with warm water. Immerse the item in the solution until desired finish is achieved. For enhanced cleaning, increase concentrate mixture and repeat cycles.
When using an ultrasonic cleaner, refer to the operating guide for full instructions. The cleaning solution should be removed / replaced when a noticeable decrease in cleaning action occurs, or when the solution is visibly dirty or spent.

Direction for use:  

  • Green Cleaning - Using natural ingredients
  • Ideal for use with or without Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Aids the removal of stubborn dirt TARNISH, CARBON and RUST
  • Simple to use - just mix with warm water
  • Mix 10ml of Sea Clean for every 100ml of warm water
  • Non-toxic, non flammable & bio-degradable
  • Safety cap (push & twist type)
  • Long shelf life - up to 12 months after opening