JPL Ultra 8020H ultrasonic cleaner

Product code: JPL8020
£87.49 (ex. VAT)

Product information

The Ultra-8020 H Ultrasonic Cleaner from James Products (JPL) has been designed for the professional or serious home user. Through research & development it was found the ideal size, features, specification and of course price to cater for many different applications. Whether in your jewellery shop, dental studio or workshop, the Ultra-8020 will handle your cleaning requirements with ease. Featuring a large 2.0 Ltr stainless steel tank with programmable timer, so that you can clean without having to interrupt your work. The Ultra-8020 also has a built-in heater which when programmed will heat the water to a useful 65 degrees, enhancing your cleaning ability. To finish the package a basket to hold your smaller items is included.
A ultrasonic cleaner with a large 2 litre tank for fast efficient and effortless cleaning of many items such as jewellery, CD's/DVD's, waterproof watches, spectacles, PCB's, bicycle parts, razor heads, printer heads, dental tools, machine items, it will also remove rust when used with a suitable cleaning solution.
  • Professional ultrasonic cleaner
  • Built -in heater to 60 degrees
  • Programmable digital timer with automatic shut-off
  • Digital timer with clear LED read-out
  • Enhanced circuit protection
  • High power transducer for superior cleaning
  • Can be used with just tap water
  • Internal Tank (WxDxH): 183 x 153 x 77mm
  • External Unit (WxDxH): 230 x 180 x 230mm