JPL Ultrasonics

James Products Ltd (JPL) have been supplying Ultrasonic Cleaners for over ten years. The smaller home use machines, such as the JPL Ultra 7000S, are the most popular in the UK and used by many customers for cleaning jewellery. The compact cleaners are a fast and easy way to rejuvenate dull and tarnished jewellery. For the best results, adding  jewellery cleaning fluid to the water will give your ring or necklace the sparkle and shine "wow" factor.

The larger professional JPL Ultrasonic Cleaning Tanks and baths are designed for the business user working in a commercial environment. Typically they are purchased by users of medical instruments such as Veterinary practices, Tattoo studios, Podiatrists, Dentists etc, where the instruments need cleaning before being sterilised. Many of the machines have a de-gassing function that greatly increases the cleaning efficiency. For applications that require heavy duty, demanding cleaning, the James Products SONIC range of Ultrasonic Cleaners, made in all Stainless Steel, deliver high capacity, high power, high quality and are available in tank sizes from 3 litres to 6 litres. With the James Products Sonic range, a wire basket is included as standard and are very quiet when operating in the workplace.


James Products Ltd (JPL) stopped supplying ultrasonic cleaners in early 2021. This means unfortunately that spares or replacement ultrasonic cleaners for the JPL range are no longer available. This includes the popular JPL Ultra 7000 jewellery cleaner.

The JPL professional "Sonic" range is also no longer available. However we offer a similar specification model. These can be found on our website HERE.

We (Best Ultrasonic Cleaners Ltd) offer a wide range of ultrasonic cleaners for home or professional use. 

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