Liposomal Vitamin C

Firstly I want to make it clear that we have never made liposomal vitamin C and you should thoroughly research the subject before deciding to make your own. HERE is good staring point.

From conversations with our customers, it seems there are two elements vital to the process of making liposomal vitamin C. First is temperature control and secondly is the timer that controls the length of time the machine is activated. 

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Temperature control

As the temperature control is crucial it would be best to buy an Ultrasonic Cleaner that has a digital readout and control. This is simply because the digital display shows two sets of information:

1). The actual temperature in the tank

2). The target temperature for the tank.

NOTE: The very action of the machine generating ultrasonic waves also produces a modest amount of warmth. This raises the temperature of the liquid and so with the digital readout, you will be able to monitor this. When making  liposomal vitamin C, this is important.

Timer Control

With a digital model, the timer can be programmed for up to 90 minutes, whereas with a dial control, the maximum time is restricted to 20 minutes.


Degassing is available on some models and is an addition function which, after a change of solution or agitation of a solution, quickly removes any air from the liquid which makes the process more effective. This is useful when making liposomal vitamin C but not essential. Simply turning the machine on for 15 minutes degases any liquid.  Degassing does add a bit more cost to the purchase price of the Ultrasonic Cleaner.

glass beakers and holder in an ultrasonic tank

Which model to select.

The two popular sizes of machine normally selected are:  3 Litre or 6 litre.

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