Low Energy Carb Cleaner

Low Energy (LE) ultrasonic carburettor cleaner provides superb cleaning performance at lower temperatures, saving time and reducing energy costs. The solution is a micro-emulsion capable of solubilising oily, hydrophobic substances in a bi-phase composition, making it highly effective at cleaning. It is very effective at a lower working temperature, between 15°C and 40°C for lower energy costs with the short heat up time. If you have a cold workshop, this product could be for you because it takes up to 50% less time to reach working temperature.

LE Ultrasonic Carburettor Cleaner & Super LE are pH neutral and environmentally friendly solutions, specially made for use in ultrasonic baths to clean at a lower temperature. Available in 2 strengths:

  • 10:1 (LE standard concentrate)
  • 40:1 (LE super concentrate)

The solution has been specially formulated to remove oil residues, grease, general dirt, carbon, aluminium oxidation etc. from motor parts including carburettors, fuel injectors, heat exchangers etc. Built-in corrosion inhibitors make it safe to use on all metals and it will not damage or darken components.

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Working temperature of the ultrasonic bath should be between 15°C and 40°C. It works well in hard or soft water.

The solution is non hazardous for disposal (i.e. it can go safely be disposed of down a drain) but please be mindful of any contamination from the item you are cleaning. 

The fluid can be used many times until it looks dirty. There's no specific rule about when to change it, but the idea of an ultrasonic cleaner is for deep and thorough cleaning. If your fluid looks like pea soup, it's time to change it.

  • Low working temperature – optimum is 40°C
  • Biodegradable - friendly to the environment
  • Non corrosive to metals and aluminium
  • Neutral pH
  • Can be used in hard or soft water
  • Non hazardous
  • Removes petrol "varnish" residue
  • Brightens alloy castings

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