Medical Instrument Cleaner

Medistel, Rapidex / Rapizyme medical instrument cleaners are used in an ultrasonic cleaner where there is a need to clean medical equipment prior to being placed in an autoclave. And when added to any ultrasonic cleaner, it will make the cleaning process safe & effective, especially when cleaning surgical instruments. Rapidex will remove all manner of dirt to ensure your items are thoroughly clean. A solution of either Rapidex or Rapizyme will clean awkward bends, niches or tapers along with all the other the difficult to clean areas. Rapidex is used throughout the world in hospitals, dentists, doctors surgeries, veterinary practices, podiatrists, laboratories, industry, tattoo and body piercing because it removes stains and dried matter such as ink or blood.

Medistel steriliser is an instrument disinfectant that combines secure microbiological credentials with safety in use and a quick contact time. Medistel is suitable for both human and veterinary applications for high-level disinfection of surgical instruments and medical devices at a dilution of 1:20. It disinfects in 10 minutes and sterilises in 30.
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