Multisound Electronic Bird Scarer

Product code: BS-20L
Effective against Pigeons, Starling, Seagulls + more

The Multisound BirdStop audible bird repeller provides an effective solution for removing unwanted birds in environments such as farms, airports, harbours etc. It achieves this by playing high quality digital recordings of various preditory birds. The Bird scarer device will disperse harmful birds in a natural way, without creating nuisance to livestock or pets. NOTE: the repeller makes a loud noise and is not suitable in a built up area.

The electronic bird deterrent plays the sounds of other predatory birds and also sounds of the same species in distress, creating alarm and removing harmful birds from all those places in need of protection. The area covered is up to 1 acre.

Genuine customer comments:

"Great bird scarer. It got rid of the starlings and pigeons within 24 hours"

"Bill was extremely helpful and the bird scarer assisted in protecting the vineyard prior to harvest."

For the best results, recordings of fear and alarm typical of all bird species have are stored for excellent results. The playback of the bird songs follows random times and reduces the chance that the birds can get used to it. Also the bird deterrent has pre-programmed mixes of different bird species.

The BirdStop repeller is not 100% waterproof and needs to be used with the guard / cover that is supplied with it. It runs from mains power (adaptor supplied) or will work off a 12v car battery (battery adaptor supplied)

The electronic bird deterrent can set to play from 10 seconds - 20 minutes in duration. The pause between play cycles can be set from 0 seconds (continuous) to 30 minutes. Made in Italy.

pre-recorded bird deterrents for the following species:

Falcon, Crow, Raven, Magpie, Pigeon, Seagull.


  • Speaker output: 30 Watts (60 Watts with optional external speaker)
  • Coverage: up to 1 acre on full volume
  • Power: 240v or will work off a 12v car battery (adaptor supplied)
  • Play & pause time: 10 seconds up to 30 minutes.
  • Operating mode: day, night, continuous, random.
  • Daylight sensor: Yes.
  • Dimensions 70 x 70 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 265g
country of origin Italy
GTIN 5060790490639
Brand Multisound
Product Code BS-20L
Weight 1.4kg