Record (Vinyl) Cleaner

Vinyl record on a hi fi turntable

An ultrasonic cleaner can make for much improved sound quality without damaging your collection.

If you have a collection of vinyl records, the chances are pretty good that at some point in their lifetime they will need cleaning. Even with very careful handling and storage, dust still manages to find it's way onto the surface and importantly, into the grooves of each record regardless. This often results in unwanted crackles and pops. 

The question is how to remove dust and dirt without harming the vinyl record without damaging the surface. The easy way to clean records without any harmful chemicals is with an ultrasonic cleaner. This non-contact cleaning method doesn't use liquid solutions that leave deposits in the grooves.

How does it work?

Basically, place LP's vertically onto a motorised spindle which slowly rotates the vinyl in an ultrasonic cleaner containing de-mineralised water. The ultrasonic sound waves dislodge dirt and dust which the dissolve in the tank.  

We have a detailed blog entry all about cleaning records using ultrasonic cleaners.

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