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Customer reviews are an important part of the decision making process when deciding who to spend your hard earned money with. They are also a pain in the backside because every time you buy anything online, there's an email 7 days later asking "how was your customer experience?" or "please rate our store?". 

For an online store, website reviews are a necessary but big expense. Sending review invitations and showing them don't come cheap. It costs a store £100's every month. But it's a necessary cost. 

That said, right now you are reading this page because you want to check that we are a safe place to send your money. Which of course we are. Click on the logo shown below and you can see how other Best Ultrasonic Cleaners customers have found our service.

"So far with only a few uses, I'm pretty impressed, not just with the ultrasonic cleaner, but Bill's excellent customer service, calling to check if I'd forgotten fluid, and then a lot of over-the-phone valuable advice. For that reason alone I would buy again, as this speaks volumes about who you're buying from! 11/10" (Dave from Manchester).

"Owning a small independent garage workshop I've found that the Best Ultrasonic cleaning equipment & detergents have been exceptionally useful. Great value & excellent results. These products will undoubtedly stay in continual use for many years to come. Highly recommended." (C.White. Boa Rebuilds, Hampshire)

Please have a look at the well known names of some of our customers.

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