Small ultrasonic cleaner

An Ultrasonic jewellery Cleaner is a fantastic solution for cleaning your rings and necklaces at home, producing amazing results in only 3 minutes. The ultrasonic cleaner works by creating vibrations in water that are so strong, microscopic bubbles form. When they burst, the pressure created from the minor explosion will blast dirt and grime from your jewellery. If you have a diamond ring, over time dirt will build up behind the stone. Studies have shown that ultrasonic cleaning is 30 to 40 per cent more effective than regular jewellery cleaning solutions to remove that dirt. Although the process might sound aggressive, it is completely safe for all your favourite rings, necklaces and watches etc. And the cleaning results are truly amazing. An ultrasonic cleaner is one of those gadgets that once you've used the cleaner, you will wonder how you ever managed for without it. Our professional ultrasonic cleaners use the same ultrasonic technology a high street jeweller uses to make your ring, necklace or bracelet sparkle and shine like new.

photo of a gold ring before and after being put in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner

What can I clean with an Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner?  

Gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, dentures, watches, bracelets, necklaces, CD's, spectacles, etc.

            image of a sparking Rolex gold watch suitable for ultrasonic jewellery cleaning       image of a girl wearing sunglasses      image of a silver heart shaped locket on a chain      image of a clean CD / DVD      image of a girl with clean white teeth - ultrasonic cleaner for dentures  

DO NOT clean precious stones (pearls, opals etc) without approval from a jeweller.
image showing the range of Connoisseurs jewellery cleaning dips for gold, silver and diamonds

Connoisseurs range of jewellery cleaning dips
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