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Bandelin Sonorex "Super" ultrasonic cleaning tanks are the entry level machines, with dial control for the time and temperature settings. The tank sizes available in the Bandelin Sonorex Super range are from 0.9 litre up to 90 litre. Within that range there are 18 standard size configurations. Deciding which model is best suited for your application depends on the physical sizes and quantity of the particular item to be cleaned. Heating is  always an optional extra.

The Bandelin Sonorex "Super" range of ultrasonic cleaners / baths have many sizes and add-on's. For a personalised quotation tailored to your specific application, please phone us: 01706 950112.

Bandelin Sonorex ultrasonic cleaner 3 litre                Bandelin Sonorex ultrasonic cleaner with basket 

 circular Bandelin Sonorex ultrasonic cleaner                elongated Bandelin Sonorex ultrasonic cleaner 3 litre

               long narrow Bandelin Sonorex ultrasonic tank                large Bandelin Sonorex ultrasonic cleaning tank             
  • Tank capacities: 0.9 Ltr - 90 Ltr
  • Ultrasonic cleaning frequency 35 kHz
  • Ultrasonic cleaning power: 160w  (0.9 Ltr tank) - 2400w (90 Ltr tank)
  • SweepTec technology
  • Mechanical timer 1 - 15 minutes or continuous operation
  • Heating (optional)  30 - 80 °C adjustable,
  • Tank construction: Chromium stainless steel 
  • Housing made of 2mm stainless steel
  • Drain tap included (from 3 litre upward)
  • Power 230v (115v on request)
  • Optional extras: basket, heating and lid
  • Full UK support
  • Free UK delivery
  • 2 year warranty
For a quotation, please phone us: 01706 950112