Steel basket & 2 x 500 ml glass beakers for 6, 9, 13, 20 and 27 L tanks

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Product information

Using glass beakers in an ultrasonic cleaner is an ideal way to clean smaller components, or use two different cleaning solutions in one machine. This method is perfect for cleaning small items such as jewellery, carburettor or engine components, dental equipment, medical equipment, small electronic components. Separates the fluid in the tank from the fluid in the beakers and therefore uses less cleaning solution. The basket has convenient handles which sit on top of the ultrasonic bath lip allowing safe and easy repositioning of the object being cleaned during the ultrasonic cleaning cycle.
  • Compatible ultrasonic tanks: 6 litre, 9 litre, 13 litre, 20 litre and 27 litre tanks. May be compatible with other tanks. Please check basket dimensions below with your specific model.
  • Basket dimensions: L: 315mm x W: 102.3mm x H: 144mm
  • Compatible beaker diameter: Minimum: 45.8mm, Maximum: 90.6mm
  • Beakers feature a 500ml capacity
  • Min graduation: 100ml
  • Outside diameter: 87mm
  • Overall height: 120mm
  • Kits contains: 1 x ultrasonic steel basket and 2 x 500 ml ultrasonic measuring beakers.