Strikeback Ultrasonic Mouse Repeller Pro

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This advanced Ultrasonic spider repeller is the most powerful model we sell with separate settings for 2 different frequencies. The Strikeback Pro has an electromagnetic function that uses every electrical cable in the building to carry and transmit a signal, which can be detected by the pests up to 1 metre from any cable, even inside wall and ceiling spaces.

The spider repeller also sends fluctuating ultrasonic waves to cause auditory stress which disrupt their normal behaviour patterns and make it uncomfortable for them to stay in the same room. The frequencies change automatically so that the pests cannot become accustomed to them.

This spider repeller is equipped with three pest repelling functions:
  • Adjustable Ultrasonic frequency setting
  • Automatic fluctuating frequencies
  • Auditory stress to mice & rats in the room where the unit is positioned. 
  • Dual electromagnetic settings to drive pests out from wall and ceiling spaces.
  • Built in night light
  • Speaker LED's
  • Test button
  • Direct plug-in
  • Safe and effective
  • No chemicals or traps.
  • Will not affect humans, cats, dogs, fish or birds. 
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Product Code SBPRP
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