Submersible Ultrasonic Plates

Build your own industrial ultrasonic tank using submersible ultrasonic transducers. These are sealed stainless steel enclosures which are added to your own tank and turn it into an ultrasonic cleaner. Generally speaking, this method is for larger, bespoke tank requirements. The number of transducer enclosures required depends on the size of your tank. The submersible transducer enclosures are powered by an ultrasonic generator unit.

immersible ultrasonic generator and transducer unit           submersible ultrasonic unit and the generator

How many submersible ultrasonic transducer enclosures will I need?

The number and positioning of the submersible ultrasonic enclosures is primarily determined by the volume of liquid in the tank, shape of the existing tank and size of the parts. 

Submersible ultrasonic transducers can be mounted on the sides or base of cleaning tanks, depending upon their shape and size. In general, side mounting is recommended for tanks where the depth is more than two times the smallest of the length / width. Mounting on the tank side reduces the debris and foreign material from settling on the top of the transducer box which will reduce the ultrasonic effectiveness.

submersible ultrasonic enclosures fitted to a tank

These submersible ultrasonics can be made in 28khz or 40kHz frequency for hard to clean parts like engine blocks and cleaning burnt on carbon, and 40 kHz frequency for general parts cleaning including precision machined components, in an agitated immersion parts washer or stationary metal sided tanks. submersibles are 

  • Customised size and shape
  • SUS 304 stainless steel plate
  • Industrial grade integrated circuit
  • 1-999 minutes cycle time
  • Power adjustable
  • 28KHz for 40KHz
  • Digital controller

Submersible ultrasonic boxes are normally fixed into to stainless steel and other metal tanks only. Plastic or similar materials are not suitable for use with ultrasonic generators.

With this type of product, we supply the ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer units and the connecting cables only. We do NOT supply the tank or heating elements.