Tickopur R33 Carburettor & Engine Cleaner (5 L)

Product code: TickR335L
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TICKOPUR R33 cleaner fluid is formulated specifically for cleaning and de-greasing carburettors, fuel injectors, valves, engine parts etc. It safely and quickly removes contaminants including oxidation, carbon, petrol residue and grease etc. It works very well on alloys and aluminium castings. It performs best in ultrasonic cleaners and mix ratio 20:1 (20 parts water mixed with 1 part TICKOPUR R33).

  • Operation temperature: 20 - 65 degrees centigrade
  • Cycle time: 10 minute
  • Bottle size: 5 Ltr
  • Mix ratio: 20:1 (makes 100 Ltr)
  • UK stock for fast delivery

​​​​​​​safety datasheet for tickopur R33 engine cleaner

GTIN 5060790491070
MPN TickR335L
Unit Pricing Measure 5 L
Unit Pricing Base Measure 1 L
Brand Tickopur
Condition New
Product Code TickR335L
Weight 6kg