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ultrasonic bird and pigeon repeller

An ultrasonic bird / Pigeon repeller creates an uncomfortable environment that a bird or Pigeon wants to get away from quickly. Most of our ultrasonic bird repellers are mains powered or can be run from a 12v DC supply, such as a heavy duty 12v battery. This means that the units are constantly in operation, giving protection 24/7. The ultrasonic noise is not painful or cruel, just annoying to a nuisance bird. The ultrasonic sound produced is beyond that of Human hearing, so we can't hear it but animals can.

The most common reason for purchasing such an ultrasonic deterrent is to stop Pigeons from fouling or stop birds eating grain in from a farm storage area. If you aim the ultrasonic repeller in the general direction of where the birds or Pigeons are gathering, it should work fine. The units repel most birds including Starling, Rooks, etc.

There are a few points to mention about positioning the ultrasonic bird repeller. They don't work through bushes, shrubs, hedges or anything else that is an obstacle. The unit needs a clear line-of-sight to the target bird or area you wish to clear.

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The Sentinel bird repeller is made in the UK using German components

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