Ultrasonic carburettor Cleaner / Bath - Professional analogue (22 litre)

Product code: GS-M820
This analogue Ultrasonic carburettor Cleaner with dial adjustment and an all Stainless Steel tank and body is perfect for professional, everyday workshop use. It has a 22 litre Ultrasonic tank with dial controls for the temperature and timer settings. The heater is a powerful 1000 watts. The ultrasonic cleaning bath will remove dirt, grease, petrol residue etc. The ultrasonic cleaner is ideal for cleaning a set of 4 or 6  carburettors off a motorcycle. For best results use appropriate cleaning fluid or solvent suitable for the item. If you want to clean a bank of 4 or 6 carburettors off a motorbike and don't want to separate them, this the best size of ultrasonic cleaner to buy.
bank of 4 carburettors cleaned in a 20 Litre ultrasonic cleaner

Key features:
  • Capacity: 22 Litre Tank
  • Heating Power: 1000w 
  • Cleaning power: 480w
  • Cleaning frequency: 40Khz
  • Number of transducers: 8
  • Digital temperature adjustment: 20-80 degrees C
  • Digital timer adjustment: 1-20 minutes
  • Drainage tap
  • Tank and body made in Stainless Steel
  • Includes Stainless Steel basket, lid and UK mains lead
  • 24 month warranty - UK support
  • Tank Size (internal):
    (mm) 495 x 295 x 150
    (inches) 19.5 x 11.5 x 6
  • Wire Basket
    (mm) L: 465 x W: 270 x H: 125
    (inches) 18.3 x 10.5 x 5

download a pdf user manual for dial control Best ultrasonic ultrasonic cleaners

download the user manual for the DK Sonic ultrasonic cleaner


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GTIN 5060790491032
Brand Best Ultrasonic Cleaner
Condition New
Product Code GS-M820
Weight 14kg