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Our professional range of ultrasonic cleaners and baths are designed for use in a commercial or industrial environment. With tank sizes ranging from 2 litre up to 36 litre and even larger industrial baths (see here for XL ultrasonic baths up to 235 Ltr). All the ultrasonic cleaning baths are made from stainless steel and built to operate quietly in the workplace. They are suitable for all day, everyday use and are made to last. Typical examples of commercial use would be by a dentist, veterinary practice, tattoo studios or artists, Chiropodists, clock makers etc. In fact, anywhere needing to clean instruments, tools or components, quite often prior to being placed in an autoclave for sterilising. Another popular application is the ultrasonic cleaning of carburettors (car and motorcycle) - A GUIDE TO CLEANING MOTORBIKE CARBURETTORS. If you run a joinery or woodworking business, see our guide on how to remove resin build up from woodworking machine tooling. And if you need to make liposomal Vitamin C Have a look at this guide on our blog.

Size matters. When considering which ultrasonic cleaner to buy, the first consideration has to be the size of tank. It's not the volume that's important, but the internal dimensions. The question to ask yourself is whether the item you want to clean will fit inside the tank and the only way to be absolutely sure is to measure it. Also take into consideration that if you want to use a steel basket in the machine, it can reduce the workable size by up to 8mm all round. if you need to clean dental instruments, check the length.

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We supply to the best of the best

Which model do I buy? In this professional category there are, with a couple of exceptions, three versions for most sizes of ultrasonic cleaner. In summary, the more money you pay for a model, the greater control you have over the cleaning process. The basic economy, small machines have a simple on / off switch for the heater and cleaning cycle, therefore you have no control over the water temperature or ultrasonic cleaning cycle time. The manual (dial adjustment) machines give limited control. The digital range gives you full control over all aspects of the cleaning operation. And the top of the range degassing models give a deeper clean with the ability to reduce the power for delicate items. At the heart of any ultrasonic cleaner is a transducer. This is the component that produces the ultrasonic cleaning waves. The more transducers fitted to an ultrasonic bath, the better the cleaning will be. 

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1) Manual adjustment. These more basic models have a simple knob or dial to set the cleaning time (0-20 minutes) and temperature (20 - 80 degrees C). There is no LED display.

2. Digital adjustment. These ultrasonic models have a push button to set the cleaning time (0 - 99 minutes) and temperature (0 - 80 degrees C) with an LED display. The cleaning can be stopped mid-cycle and the temperature shows both the target temperature and actual water in the tank. In a workplace environment and working with hot water, there might be a health and safety implication that requires the tank temperature to be visible to prevent scalding by an employee, for example in a dental practice or garage. YouTube guide to using a digital ultrasonic cleaner.

3) Digital adjustment with degassing. As above but additionally these ultrasonic cleaners have the technical function of a de-gassing mode which after a change a cleaning solution, quickly removes air from the liquid that in turn, makes the cleaning process more effective. This is especially useful when cleaning carburettors. Additionally, the cleaning power can be increased or reduced depending on the items being cleaned which means that delicate products can be cleaned gently.

Confused about which ultrasonic model you need?

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Why use a basket? Stainless Steel baskets are included free with all of the professional models shown below

  • A wire mesh basket helps minimise ultrasonic blind spots during the cleaning process.
  • Keeps the item off the base of the tank gives better circulation of the cleaning fluid.
  • Has convenient handles which overhang the bath lip.
  • Safe and easy removal of the object being cleaned i.e. dental instruments.
  • Reduces the cavitation effect to give a gentler cleaning action for delicate items
  • Safe removal of item from being submerged in hot water / ultrasonic cleaning fluids

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