Ultrasonic cleaner by function

With a couple of exceptions, there are three versions for most sizes of ultrasonic cleaner. The more money you pay for a model, the greater control you have over the cleaning process. The manual (dial adjustment) machines give limited control. The digital range gives you full control over all aspects of the cleaning operation. And the top of the range degassing models give a deeper clean with the ability to reduce the power for delicate items. 

Manual adjustment. These basic analogue models have a simple knob or dial to set the cleaning time (0-20 minutes) and temperature (20 - 80 degrees C). There is no LED display.

Digital adjustment. These ultrasonic models have a push button to set the cleaning time (0 - 99 minutes) and temperature (0 - 80 degrees centigrade) with an LED display. The cleaning processs can be stopped mid-cycle and the temperature shows both the target temperature and actual water in the tank. 

Digital adjustment with degassing. As above but additionally these ultrasonic cleaners have the technical function of a de-gassing mode which after a change a cleaning solution, quickly removes air from the liquid that in turn, makes the cleaning process more effective. This is especially useful when cleaning carburettors. Additionally, the cleaning power can be reduced by 50% for very delicate items such as jewellery.