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Our range of extra large Ultrasonic Cleaning tanks have been designed for every day, heavy duty industrial use. The powerful Ultrasonic Baths range in Capacity from 57Ltr up to 235Ltr. All use a remote Ultrasonic Power Generator (13amp) and the tanks require a 3 phase / 415v / 16 amp power supply. All tanks are manufactured in 2mm SUS304 Stainless Steel (other grades are available for special order cleaners). 

The XL Ultrasonic Cleaning baths have a sweeping function. The sweep function creates a pulsating action by fluctuating the transducer power to reduce standing waves. This function helps spread the force of the standing waves making it safer to clean sensitive objects, but we always suggest that when cleaning anything delicate to do a test run as some damage still may occur.

Certain electronic components are considered sensitive to ultrasonic cleaning, unfortunately there is very little empirical published data regarding this subject. In general it is safe to clean the vast majority of electronic components. To minimize the potential for damage use a basket to reduce the ultrasonic intensity, turn the basket occasionally during the cycle to stop ultrasonic hotspots and use an effective aqueous solvent to quickly remove the contamination

General Ultrasonic use:

Around 20 minutes should be enough to remove/loosen most foreign bodies from the item you are cleaning. There is no specific recommended duration for a cleaning cycle but generally the shorter the better to minimize the possibility of damage to the item being cleaned especially if it is to be cleaned regularly. It will reduce the ultrasonic cleaning cycle time by soaking the item to be cleaned for as long as possible before ultrasonic cleaning. It is recommended after cleaning is completed to perform a short rinse cycle with clean water to ensure cleaning agent deposits are not left in obscured areas of the object.

General Ultrasonic Cleaning: For lightly soiled objects we suggest only using warm water. This should be paired with a temperature around 40°C.

Enhanced Ultrasonic Cleaning: If the objects in question need a deeper clean then we advise the use of an ultrasonic cleaning solution mixed weakly and heated to the mid range of the fl uids operating temperature. A temperature between 40-60°C will help you achieved your desired results.

Extensive Ultrasonic Cleaning: For the removal of hard or ingrained deposits we recommend a pre-soaking in the ultrasonic bath with detergent/solvent mixed to its strongest concentration ratio to soften unwanted deposits whilst heated to the high end of the fluids operating temperature range.

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