Ultrasonic Cleaner Professional digital with degassing (20 litre)

Product code: GUC-DEGAS-20L
£380.83 (ex. VAT)

Product information

This digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with degassing, all Stainless Steel tank and body is perfect for both home use and professional jewellers, watchmakers, tattoo studios etc. It has a 20 litre  Ultrasonic Tank and digital controls for the temperature and timer setting. The ultrasonic cleaning bath will remove dirt, grease etc. The ultrasonic cleaner can be used for cleaning electronic and mechanical parts. For best results use appropriate cleaning fluid or solvent suitable for the item. This model offers increased functionality with degassing, alongside the standard fluid temperature and cleaning cycle timer controls. 
  • Degas mode - This mode is to be used after a fluid change to rapidly remove air from the fluid so it can provide maximum cleaning effectiveness from the start of the cleaning cycle

Key features:

  • Capacity: 20 Litre Tank
  • Heating Power: 500w 
  • Cleaning power: 400w
  • Cleaning frequency: 40Khz
  • Number of transducers: 8
  • Digital temperature adjustment: 0-80 degrees C in 5 degree steps
  • Digital timer adjustment: 1-99 minutes
  • Degassing mode
  • Tank Size (internal): 495 x 295 x 150mm 
  • Wire Basket - (included) L: 465mm x W: 270mm x H: 110mm 
  • Tank and housing made from Stainless Steel
  • Drainage tap