Veterinary Instruments

Vet treating a sick cat

Our professional Ultrasonic Cleaner / bath range are suitable for any Veterinary practise and have been designed for medical instrument cleaning in a demanding commercial environment. The most popular tank sizes for a the Veterinary profession are 3 Ltr and 6 Ltr. All the ultrasonic cleaning baths are made from stainless steel and built to operate quietly in the workplace. They are suitable for all day, everyday use and are made to last. All our ultrasonic baths are supplied complete with lid and basket.

Size matters. When considering which model of ultrasonic cleaner to buy, the primary consideration is the size of tank. It's not the volume that's important, but the internal dimensions, especially the steel basket that holds the medical instruments inside the tank. The only real way to be certain is to measure to largest item you need to clean. The technical specification for each ultrasonic cleaner shows all the important dimensions.

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