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One method adopted by more and more clock builders is to use an ultrasonic cleaner for the cleaning of plates and clock or watch movements. When used with a suitable cleaning fluid, the results can be fantastic. If horology is your passion or indeed your full time business occupation, cleaning clock parts and movements by hand can be time consuming  and not necessarily very efficient.
photo showing inside an old pocket watch                  horologist repairing on an old clock

Ultrasonic cleaning gets into the nooks and crannies that are otherwise very hard to access with a traditional brush and soapy water. The machine in effect bombards your components with sound waves that dislodges dirt and grime. We sell a SENSITIVE METAL cleaner which is specially formulated for cleaning brass parts, such as clock and watch movements.

One of the most popular sizes of ultrasonic tanks is the 6 Litre model. This seems capable of accommodating a wide range of parts associated with clock repairs and rebuilding. The best way to be certain if this size of machine is suitable for you is to measure the actual clock parts that you need to clean. Make sure they will fit into the wire basket that comes with the ultrasonic tank.
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